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Fueling the Panorama Brand Name From Retail Collaboration

The growth of Gruppo PAM from a small retail sector in a province in Vicenza to a major point-of-sales provider and retail leader on a nearly international level is impressive and inspiring. The company never managed to fall apart through this staggering growth. The below is a brief exploration of the company eventually culminating in the industry-defining Panorama sales interface.

Italian Beginnings

The sector derives from the early 80s. The company, Gruppo PAM, in an earlier version of itself, fueled sales out of a store in Vicenza. The store was eventually renamed Silos. But, by then, the organization had loftier ambitions and grew out of the store into new directions and locations.

The company incorporated seven stores by the 90s. These include locations in Parma, Rome, the subdistrict of Rome Laurentina, Aurelia, and Latina. The expansion was impressive and helped usher in big money to support more ambitious retail endeavors in the near future.

The Road to Panamora

One of the biggest moves came in 1984. The project was a collaborative effort with the Selefin group. This was the birth of the Panorama system. In short, the two teams wanted to expand panorama, turning it into a flagship item for the group. Gruppo Pam lacked the network to make it happen. They had the product and the technologically backing to bring the product to a whole new level of expansion.

Selefin group had the network in place. The goal of the team was to construct a vital hyper marketplace using the Panorama brand name.

The first store borrowed the Panorama name and opened in 1984. Other stores took the name of Mongolfiera. This was considered a second-tier name and showcased the differing business goals of Gruppo PAM and Selefin.

Panorama is known as a hypermarket. It is a small niche marketplace caught up in the larger world of the business development. It is not unlike a niche-oriented franchise where each one appears specifically unique but is under a larger umbrella.

The company supplies many stores with products, creating a large infrastructure in the retail space of Italy. Panorama is still the de-facto brand for this Italian retail juggernaut.

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