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How to Choose a Plumber

Plumbing situations don’t happen everyday, but when they do, research is key to finding the right plumber. Emergency or not, we need to know the people we’re dealing with. Picking a good plumber has its rewards, not just in terms of eliminating the current problem, but also in preventing a recurrence or further issues down the road.

When looking for a problem, keep the following in mind:


Plumbers are not all made the same, and one of their most vital differences lies in their experience. A new plumber can be competent, but hiring a seasoned one will usually prove to be advantageous.

For one, an experienced plumber will have encountered almost all kinds of plumbing scenarios, which means he probably knows what works and what doesn’t for each. And their long history in the business will have also taught them all the right ways to deal with customers, especially concerning warranties. If a plumber has been in this competitive business for at least five years, that’s a very good sign.


Plumbers are required to get a license before they can practice their trade. This goes without saying that you should never hire an unlicensed plumber, and when someone tells you they’re licensed, look for proof.


Make it a point to hire a plumber who has liability and worker’s compensation insurance. This is for your own protection, in case a worker gets injured or there is accidental property damage on site. Certain states also require plumbers to be bonded, so make sure you check on this too.

Client References

When considering to hire a plumber, ask for client references. Aside from technical expertise, you also need trustworthiness from the person or team you hire. You don’t want anyone with criminal tendencies to enter your home. If the plumber hesitates to give you references, they’ve probably done something they don’t want you to know.

Customer Service

Know the quality of customer service that your prospective plumber offers. This is usually a sign of their professionalism overall. Read reviews on trusted consumer websites. In addition, call the plumber yourself and see how it goes with your call.


Lastly, when hiring a plumber, pick someone who will be a pleasure to work with, especially if the job is long-term. Even if they have great reviews, a plumber who makes you feel uncomfortable is still not worth having.

When people are faced with a plumbing emergency, their usual tendency is to hire the first plumber they find. Because it’s an emergency, they probably feel there is no time to research. This makes it smart to search for a good plumber before a situation develops.

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